Philip Maes Copywriter & Director


Philip began as copywriter at DMB&B and Grey, in the late eighties. Over the years he won CCB Awards, Effie Awards, ADCE & Cannes lions at Moors Bloomsbury, VVL/BBDO and Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels, where he was Creative Director.

In `97, he started his own business as freelance copywriter and director, specializing in radio. He wrote “Can somebody turn up the radio, please?” on how to get the most out of radio advertising (published in Belgium, Holland, Croatia, Ukraine and Germany). Philip gave radio workshops in Belgium, France, Holland, Denmark, Hungary, Rumania, Sweden, Germany and Morocco. And lectures at RITS Brussels, EGTA, St. Lucas Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt, Antwerp, the Artevelde school, Odisee and Antwerp University.

His passion for performing arts (he plays and directs theatre in his spare time), led him to write and direct presentations, sketches & short films for advertisers. He’s also godfather of the And he rather successfully writes audio plays for children.
+32 477 /264 317
Antwerp, Belgium
twitter: @philipmaesradio